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Brandon Kensington

Hi my name is Brandon. I love tinkering with my EOS 7D and shooting and editing awesome videos. I also enjoy sharing free clips and seeing others use them in their videos. If you use any of the clips I have submitted, please post them online and send me the link!

  • Dirty_dishes
    vuile schotels hd stock footage
  • Great_smoky_mountains_national_park_stock_video
    Great Smoky Mountains Stock Video
  • Mountain_scenery_at_dusk_free_footage
    Berglandschap bij schemering Gratis beelden
  • Aerial_view_of_mountain_forests_free_hd_video
    Luchtfoto van bergbossen Gratis HD-video
  • Forest_scenery_royalty_free_hd_stock_videos
    Boslandschap Royalty-vrije Stock Video's
  • Mountain_scenery_royalty_free_footage
    Berglandschap Royalty's Footage
  • Olympic_national_park_free_footage
    Olympic National Park Gratis Footage
  • Ocean_waves_and_birds_free_stock_footage
    Oceaangolven en vogels Gratis Stock Footage
  • Flying_over_snow_covered_mountains_free_hd_video
    Vliegen over besneeuwde bergen Gratis HD-video
  • Aerial_view_of_mountain_peaks_royalty_free_hd_stock_video
    Luchtfoto van bergtoppen Gratis HD Stock Video
  • Waterfall_and_lake_in_the_forest_free_footage
    Waterval en meer in het bos Gratis beelden
  • Mountains_time_lapse_hd_stock_footage
    Bergen Time Lapse HD Stock Footage
  • Rocky_mountain_national_park_hd_stock_video
    Rocky Mountain National Park HD-Voorraadvideo
  • Aerial_view_of_mountain_peaks_free_stock_footage
    Luchtfoto van bergtoppen Gratis Stock Footage
  • Flying_over_mountain_lakes_and_woodlands_free_hd_video
    Vliegen over bergmeren en bossen Gratis HD-video
  • Glacier_calving_royalty_free_hd_stock_footage
    Gletsjer Calving Royalty-Vrije HD Stock Footage
  • Alaska_mountains_collage_royalty_free_hd_stock_video
    Alaska Bergen Collage Royalty Vrije HD Voorraad Video
  • Large_mountains_from_above_hd_stock_video
    Grote Bergen van de Bovenkant HD-Voorraadvideo
  • Wrangell_st__elias_national_park_hd_stock_footage
    Wrangell St. Elias National Park HD-voorraadbeelden
  • Aerial_shot_of_glacier_area_free_stock_footage
    Luchtfoto van gletsjergebied Gratis Stock Footage
  • Alaskan_landscapes_from_above_free_hd_video
    Alaskan-landschappen van boven Gratis HD-video
  • Aerial_view_of_wild_landscapes_free_stock_video
    Luchtmening van de Vrije Video van de Landschappen Vrije Voorraad
  • Tourists_at_yellowstone_national_park_free_stock_footage
    Toeristen bij Nationaal Park Yellowstone Gratis Stock Footage
  • Yellowstone_national_park_geysers_royalty_free_footage
    Yellowstone National Park Geisers Royalty Vrije Footage
  • View_of_waterfall_and_elk_in_the_woods_free_footage
    Weergave van waterval en elanden in het bos Gratis beelden
  • River_flowing_downstream_free_stock_footage
    Stroomafwaarts Stroomafwaarts Gratis Stock Footage
  • Geyser_eruption_royalty_free_video
    Geiser Uitbarsting Royalty-Vrije Video
  • Zion_national_park_royalty_free_stock_footage
    Zion National Park Royalty-vrije Stock Footage
  • Beautiful_waterfalls_free_video
    Mooie watervallen gratis video
  • Mountain_scenes_stock_footage
    Bergbeelden Stock Footage
  • Sandstone_cliffs_free_stock_video
    Zandsteenklippen Gratis Stock Video
  • Rock_patterns_free_stock_footage
    Slow Move Over Rocks Gratis Stock Footage
  • Panning_shot_of_a_mountain_free_footage
    Panning Shot van een berg Gratis beelden
  • Clouds_and_mountains_time_lapse_free_stock_video
    Wolken en Bergen Tijd Lapse Gratis Stock Video
  • Nightfall_time_lapse_royalty_free_stock_video
    Het vallen van de avond tijd-tijdspanne Royalty-vrije Stock Video
  • Apostle_islands_national_lakeshore_free_footage
    Apostel Eilanden Nationale Lakeshore Gratis Footage
  • Waves_splashing_wooden_pier_free_hd_video
    Golven spatten Houten Pier Gratis HD-video
  • Time_lapse_sunrise_royalty_free_hd_stock_footage
    Tijd Lapse Zonsopkomst Royalty's HD Beelden
  • Lighthouse_hd_stock_footage
    Vuurtoren HD Stock Footage
  • Nature_reserve_royalty_free_hd_stock_video
    Natuurreservaat Royalty-vrije HD Voorraad Video
  • Nature_scenes_hd_stock_video
    Natuurscènes HD-Voorraadvideo
  • Forest_and_water_aerial_view_free_footage
    Bos en Water Luchtfoto Gratis Footage
  • Badlands_overview_free_stock_footage
    Badlands Overzicht Gratis Stock Footage
  • Prairie_grasslands_royalty_free_hd_stock_videos
    Prairiegraslanden Royalty-vrije HD Stock Video's
  • Badlands_national_park_free_hd_videos
    Badlands National Park Gratis HD-video's
  • Canyon_scenery_hd_stock_footage
    Canyon Landschap HD Stock Footage
  • Runnin_water_and_rock_formations
    Lopend water en rotsformaties Gratis HD Stock Footage
  • Gentle_breeze_over_the_hills_and_canyons_free_footage
    Zachte bries over de heuvels en ravijnen Gratis beelden
  • Ocean_waves_free_stock_footage
    Ocean Golven Gratis Stock Footage
  • Waves_compilation_free_hd_videos
    Golven Compilatie Gratis HD-video's
  • Time_lapse_of_the_badlands_canyon_hd_stock_video
    Tijdspanne van de Badlands-Canion HD-Voorraadvideo
  • Flying_over_the_seaside_royalty_free_hd_stock_footage
    Vliegen Over De Zee Royalty Vrije HD Stock Footage
  • Aerial_view_of_ocean_islands_hd_stock_footage
    Luchtmening van Oceaaneilanden HD-Voorraadlengte
  • Sea_waves_at_sunset_royalty_free_hd_stock_videos
    Zee Golven bij Zonsondergang Royalty-vrij HD Stock Video's
  • Flying_over_the_ocean_free_stock_footage
    Vliegen over de oceaan Gratis Stock Footage
  • Flying_over_islands_and_ocean_free_footage
    Vliegen over eilanden en oceaan Gratis beelden
  • Tropical_scuba_diving_free_stock_footage
    Tropisch duiken Gratis Stock Footage
  • Undersea_exotic_fish_free_hd_footage
    Onderzeese exotische vis gratis HD-beelden
  • Aerial_view_of_el_malpais_free_footage
    Luchtfoto van El Malpais Gratis Footage
  • Amazing_nature_hd_stock_video
    Verbazingwekkend natuur HD Stock Video
  • Flying_over_rocky_terrain_free_hd_video
    Vliegen Over Rocky Terrain Gratis HD-video
  • Flying_through_el_malpais
    Vliegen door El Malpais Gratis Footage
  • El_maplais_aerial_presentation_free_hd_stock_video
    El Maplais Aerial Presentation Gratis HD Stock Video
  • Flying_over_barren_landscape_royalty_free_hd_footage
    Vliegen Over Onvruchtbaar Landschap Royalty-Vrije HD Footage
  • Grand_teton_national_park_stock_footage
    Grand Teton nationaal park stock footage
  • National_military_cemetery_royalty_free_footage
    Nationale Militaire Begraafplaats Royalty-Vrije Footage
  • Cemetery_on_a_sunny_day_free_stock_video
    Begraafplaats op een zonnige dag Gratis Stock Video
  • Antietam_national_cemetery_stock_footage
    antietam national cemetery stock footage
  • Tombstones_close_up_free_stock_footage
    Grafstenen Close-up Gratis Stock Footage
  • Cemetery_dolly_shot_free_footage
    Begraafplaats Dolly Shot Gratis Footage
  • Boston_african_american_historic_site_free_video
    Boston African American Historic Site Gratis video
  • El_malpais_national_monument_free_footage
    El Malpais National Monument Gratis beeldmateriaal
  • Minute_man_national_historical_park_free_video
    Minute Man National Historical Park Gratis video
  • Presidential_memorial_free_footage
    Presidentieel gedenkteken Gratis beelden
  • Franklin_roosevelt_memorial_time_lapse_free_stock_footage
    Franklin Roosevelt Memorial Time Lapse Gratis Stock Footage
  • Mount_rushmore_at_sunset_free_footage
    Mount Rushmore bij zonsondergang Gratis Footage
  • Mount_rushmore_national_memorial_royalty_free_stock_video
    Zet Rushmore National Memorial Free Stock Video op
  • Mount_rushmore_close_up_free_footage
    Mount Rushmore Close-up Gratis Footage
  • Mount_rushmore_royalty_free_stock_footage
    Zet Rushmore op Royalty-vrije Stock Footage
  • Washington_monument_free_stock_footage
    Washington Monument Gratis Stock Footage
  • Low_angle_of_mount_rushmore_free_video
    Lage hoek van Mount Rushmore gratis video
  • Washington_monument_royalty_free_stock_video
    Washington Monument Royalty-vrije Stock Video
  • Jefferson_memorial_royalty_free_stock_footage
    Jefferson Memorial Royalty-vrije Stock Footage
  • Thomas_jefferson_memorial_free_hd_video
    Thomas Jefferson Memorial Gratis HD-video
  • Pan_view_of_jefferson_memorial_stock_footage
    Pan weergave van Jefferson Memorial Stock Footage
  • Aerial_view_of_the_national_mall_free_stock_video
    Luchtmening van de Nationale Wandelgalerij Vrije Voorraadvideo
  • Vietnam_veterans_memorial_time_lapse_free_stock_footage
    Vietnam Veterans Memorial Time Lapse Gratis Stock Footage
  • Vietnam_veterans_memorial_royalty_free_hd_stock_video
    Vietnam Veteranen Memorial Royalty-Vrije HD Stock Video
  • Statue_of_liberty_free_footage
    Vrijheidsbeeld Gratis beelden
  • A_day_of_remembrance_at_the_vietnam_veterans_wall_free_footage
    Een herdenkingsdag bij de Vietnam-veteranenmuur Gratis beelden
  • Tourists_time_lapse_free_video
    Toeristen Time Lapse Gratis video
  • The_paul_revere_house_free_footage
    The Paul Revere House Gratis Footage
  • Black_heritage_trail_sign_free_stock_footage
    Black Heritage Trail Sign Gratis Stock Footage
  • Church_and_graveyard_free_stock_footage
    Kerk en kerkhof Gratis Stock Footage
  • Uss_constitution_free_video
    USS Constitution gratis video
  • Home_of_eleanor_roosevelt_site_hd_stock_video
    Huis van Eleanor Roosevelt Site HD Stock Video
  • Laboratory_of_thomas_edison_royalty_free_stock_video
    Laboratorium van Thomas Edison Royalty-vrije Stock Video
  • Edison_s_inventions_royalty_free_stock_footage
    Edison's uitvindingen Royalty-vrije Stock Footage
  • Independence_hall_free_stock_footage
    Independence Hall Gratis Stock Footage

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